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Ustad Nasir Ahmed Khan (1930 – 1986)

July 23, 2007

Ustad Nasir Ahmed KhanUstad Nasir Ahmed KhanUstad Nasir Ahmed Khan

A vocalist from the illustrius tradition – Delhi Gharana. His forte was his well groomed, well cultivated voice  – moving in three octaves flawlessly. He used to demonstrate this strength while siging Taans with great accuracy and speed. And of course his Bada Khayal is also a pleasure to listen to. 

A couple of his earlier recordings showcasing his “khayal”.

First recording Raga purvi, Vilambit Khayal Rakho Mori Laaj… in Ektala & Drut Khayal Aavan Kahi Gaye… in Teentala. Sung with Tanpura and Tabla accompaniment.
Raga Purvi 30:34 

Second one, Raga Ahir Bhairav, A morning Raga. Vilambit Khayal Mora Jiyaa…. & Drut Khayal Garib Nawaz… And Jiyaraa Laraje… both in Teentala. Interestingly, the vocal support in this recordings is quite intersing and of course, the proficiency of the Harmonium accompanist, just amazing….
Raga Ahir Bhairav 25:34


1. Photograph from
2. Both recordings from Dhaivat Shukla’s personal archives. Digital restoration by Dhaivat Shukla.