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Ustad Rahimuddin Dagar (1901 – 1976)

July 25, 2007

Ustad Rahimuddin Dagar

One more  illustrious and senior member from Dagar familly. Son of Ustad Allabande Khan, Ustad Rahimuddin Khan is said to be one of the most knowdgable one from the tradition. He knew Sanskrit and Persian languages and probably the first one to adopt the title “Dagar”.

Today we are going to listen to Raga Miyan Ki Todi (Alap and Dhrupad) sung by him.

Raga Miyan Ki Todi 25:46 (Alap & Dhrupad Kaun Bharam Bhule Ho Man Gyaani)

A few days ago, there was a post on Mehfil-E-Mausiqi,  Raga Miyan Ki Todi sung by Junior Dagar brothers Ustad N. Zahiruddin and N. Faiyazuddin. They too is said to have taken some guidence from Ustad-ji. It would be interesting to compare both the recrdings…. 


1. Photograph: from
2. Audio Recording: from Dhaivat Shukla’s personal archives.


Dagar Brothers – Ustad Nasir Zahiruddin (1933 – 1994) and Nasir Faiyazuddin (1934 – 1989) Dagar

July 6, 2007

Dagar Brothers - Zahiruddin & FaiyazuddinDagar Brothers - Zahirudding & FaiyazuddinDagar Brothers - Zahirudding & Faiyazuddin

Dagar Brothers – Nasir Zahiruddin & Nasir Faiyazuddin visited Ahmedabad in 1984. I am happy to find a recording that they made during their visit.

For us to enjoy…..(click on the link below to listen)

Raga: Miyan Ki Todi 20:53 (Alap & Dhrupad – Kaun Bharam Bhule Ho Man Gyani)



1 Photograph –

2 Audio Recording – All India Radio, Ahmedabad. Broadcast Recorded and Digitized by Dhaivat Shukla.