All about Hindustani Classical Music – Vocal, especially…..


9 Responses to “About”

  1. Aftab Datta Says:

    Thanks for some of these gems.
    I have a big catalog if your interested in an exchange or want to post something you dont have.
    Let me kno!

  2. dhadhindhindha Says:

    Wonderful music. Do you have Mohiuddin & Aminuddin’s recording on LP (Unesco – Alain Danielou), Morning ragas Bhairavi and Asavari – otherwise I have mp3 files made from the record …

  3. Wendell Says:

    Wow, my goodness… Insanely beautiful stuff you have here. Thank you SO much!

  4. vinay pande Says:

    what an extraordinary website, and what wonderful music. i cant have enough of it!

  5. xyz Says:

    what about aamir khan plz add something and let it be available in search option. great great great effort. salute

  6. none Says:

    Ckicking any musical sample at all results in ‘file not found’. When will this be fixed?

  7. vinay pande Says:

    the links to the music have stopped working! can you pls restore them?

  8. aa Says:

    this is amazing. bahut shukriya!

  9. Kashinath Says:

    I am not able to find Ragas of pt. Omkar math Thakur.

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