Ustad Sharafat Hussain Khan “Prem Rang” (1930 – 1985)

Ustad Sharafat Hussain Khan

A disciple of Ustad Faiyaz Khan and Ustad Ata Hussain Khan – A great vocalist from Agra Gharana. His approach towards music was always to expand the Raga. Take any Raga-s and Ustad-ji would sing these Raga-s at length. For example Raga Malati Basant, Raga Raisa Kanada, Raga Maluha Kalyan to name a few – He could and would sing them for about an hour plus, on an average. He was always open to greater development of his music and so he was never shy to adopt something from other musicians or their respective styles. And almost always, he was successful in blending those so called foreign elements into the musical structure of Agra Gharana that he used to prefer and perform. And then the concept he would sing would be his own “Khayal”.

He was probably one of the last musicians who performed full-length, full featured Nom-Tom Alap before Khayal. His command on Laya (rythem) was also great which is visible (audible, I mean) in various pieces that are presented here. He was blessed with a voice which he successfully preserved and cultivated to suite his imagination.

He was never tired of singing because he loved his music. Once a mehfil was organized in Ahmedabad and the organizer requested Ustad-ji to sing without microphone and without Harmonium accompaniment to get the essence of music in untainted form. Ustad-ji agreed. The mehfil eventually turned out to be a whole night concert where Ustad-ji sang Nom-Tom Alap, Vilambit (Traditional Composition) and Drut Khayal (His own composition) in Raga Savani (a variant with Komal Gandhar) followed by Raga Jaijaivanti, Vilambit and Drut, followed by Raga Nat Bihag, Drut Khyal, Raga Sohini, Drut Khayal. As it was about sunrise, He started Raga Ramkali – Vilambit & Drut. In the end he sang a Dadra in Raga Bhairavi. Fortunately this concert was recorded and recently it has been published as a set of 4 CDs by Sangeet Kendra. A sample from these recording is presented to show his ability for a sustained standard throughout the performance and sincerity – achieving greater heights as the his “Khayal” progressed. Just a sample – an appetizer (respecting the artiste’s rights and copyrights)

Raga Ramkali – Drut Khayal, Un Sang Laagi Mori Akhiyan… 

To begin with –

Ustad Sharafat Hussain Khan

A 78rpm record (H 1198 G) – at the age of 12 years. This was the potential.

Raga: Multani 3:24 (In Durajan Logan Ko Kahan Kosun…)

Raga: Bihag 3:30 (Hazrat Ali Tum Ho Mahabali…)

Ustad Sharafat Hussain Khan

Another recording is from an All India Radio Broadcast (most probably recorded at AIR Ahmedabad Station in 1969, and this brodcasted in 1973).

Raga Khem Kalyan 29:40 (Vilambit Khayal – Piharava Mai Kahi Deho Bata …, Drut Khayal – Hath Na Kar Mohe Chhand…)

Raga Gara Kanada (coming soon…)

Raga Lalit (coming soon…)

Raga Patmanjari (coming soon…)

An humble man, a man of family, a gentle and a sensitive human being……

ustad Sharafat Hussain Khan


1. The 78rpm record – from Ustad-jis son, Ustad Shaukat Hussain Khan – Digitized by Dhaivat Shukla.

2. Raga Khem Kalyan – an All India Radio broadcast, digitized by Dhaivat Shukla.

3. Raga Lalit – an All India Radio broadcast, digitized by Dhaivat Shukla.

4 Raga Pat Manjari – an All India Radio broadcast.


12 Responses to “Ustad Sharafat Hussain Khan “Prem Rang” (1930 – 1985)”

  1. Rujul Says:

    This is a great source of good music! Thank you for your dedication in restoring and sharing this music. Like many times before, I could not easily get out of the trance that Khan Saheb’s Khem Kalyan put me in!! 🙂 Look forward to hearing more, learning more, and sharing more with people who cherish good music.

  2. 1+1=1 Says:

    Thanks for posting this wonderful music. The Khem Kalyan rendition is enthralling. Hope the post will be updated, at some point, as the “coming soon” promise lets me yearn for the Lalit rendition. I can only imagine this wonderful raag sung by Khan Saheb. Please update and thanks for your efforts of sharing such gems!

  3. D Muli Says:

    Please update the rest of Sharafat Hussain Khan recordings. Eagerly waiting for them.

  4. tushar bhatia Says:

    great work by Dhaivat shukla! many congratulations…
    Tushar Bhatia

  5. Sridhar Says:

    Where can I find Ustad ji’s recordings? Am unable to locate any CDs. Pls help. Thnx.

  6. panchamkauns Says:

    Sridhar: These CDs can be ordered online from!

    It’s great that we have this blog post telling people these four CDs are from one long concert – not from four different concerts! Unbelievably, Sangeet Kendra don’t say so on their web site; neither do Underscore Records; neither does it in fact say so on the CDs themselves. I don’t understand why.

  7. bhai Says:

    when will the gara kanada and patmanjiri come?we are eagerly waiting for it for years.thanks
    for other please email me at

  8. amit kumar Says:

    thanks for the sharafat hussain tracks.
    Let me know if we can exchange some tracks ia email,i have some rare tracks of him.

  9. money Says:


    […]Ustad Sharafat Hussain Khan “Prem Rang” (1930 – 1985) « Mehfil-E-Mausiqi[…]…

  10. Sriram Bhamidipati Says:

    thanks a lot for the informative post on shk.
    love such anectodal portraits

  11. dhruv pad Says:

    nice to know all these details of the legend

  12. sarafa hussaini Says:

    good morrning to u

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