Pandit D. V. Paluskar (1921 – 1955)

Pandit D. V. Paluskar

Another great vocalist from Gwalior Gharana. His style is unpretentious and appears to be simple but in actually it is quite complex and intricate. Some of his recordings are presented for us to enjoy.

To start with – Raga Bhimpalasi. an extremely rare find. Most probably an All India Radio broadcast. In this recording Pandit-ji has sung a Saadara – composition in Jhaptala.

Raga Bhimpalasi – So Hi Rasanaa Jo… (14:26)

Another rare find, the next recording is an All India Radio broadcast – actual broadcast recorded on a reel tape. Though this one was released as an LP record in 1971 (EALP 1366 – Raga Kamod & Bageshree Kanada) but the LP version is edited. This one being the original broadcast – it is full length.

Raga Bageshree Kanada 28:36


1. Photograph (top): from
2. Raga Bhimpalasi: from Dhaivat Shukla’s personal archives.
3. Audio Recordings: Raga Bageshree Kanada – All India Radio broadcast. Digital restoration from reel tapes by Dhaivat Shukla.
4. Discography reference from Rajeev Patkes website:


17 Responses to “Pandit D. V. Paluskar (1921 – 1955)”

  1. Mayank Deo Says:

    Hey, this piece is a treat to ears…..awesome work of art….thanks a zillion for making it available to public….

  2. Aniket Says:

    Its areally great………..
    Thanks a lot…………………

  3. Ravindra Says:

    Nice music …tks a lot

  4. rajeev joshi Says:

    dear all
    i amtrying to find ghoonghat ke pat khol re sung by panditji or any other
    pl let me know of same
    thanks to all in advance

  5. chander Says:

    This seems one of the finds of the decade!!
    Alas, I am unable to download the full duration:(

    If thats not intended could anyone send it my mail id?
    mail id:

    Thanks in advance,

  6. Jayanthi Says:

    Thank You for the Music…its such a treat…soul stirring!!!
    Thanks again,

  7. dipankar naik Says:

    a rare gem – lucky to have stumbled upon it.

  8. ved prakash Says:

    DV paluskar’s this bhimpalasi in jhaptal is a rare piece of hindustani classical khayal singing in his most melodious sweet and inimitable style. Had he lived normal life span (He lived only 34 + years), He would have almost equated himself with Tansen or Baiju Baora in depth of music and popularity that he enjoyed at the time of his premature death in Oct.1955, which was the saddest day in the field of Hindustani classical music as he left Rasikas i.e. lovers of Hindustani classical music weeping and the void that he created has not been filled till date after 53 years since his death.
    His music was of divine quality. He was the youngest legend in Hindustani classical music.

  9. vinay Says:

    cant hear enough of this beautiful bhimpalasi. d v paluskar is singing the first two lines of a surdas poem (in brajbhasha)–

    soi rasna jo harigun gaavay
    nainan ki chhabi yahay chaturta, jyon makarand mukundahi dhyaavay.

    he has confused the order of the last few words of the second line… but it doesnt matter. this has to be one of the finest bhimpalasi renditions i have heard.


  10. Prashant Divekar, Pune Says:

    Salute to this iconic personality in Music, who has started the concept of documentation of music.
    All upcoming musicians are getting direct or indirect advantage of his cration. Thanks.

  11. bank Says:


    […]Pandit D. V. Paluskar (1921 – 1955) « Mehfil-E-Mausiqi[…]…

  12. Mohan Says:

    Great work, Hats off

  13. Sanjay Nayak Says:

    Is it possible for you to share the mp3 files? I am getting broken links for both of them. Thank you.

  14. jvjj Says:

    a golden voice and devine music

  15. Bugeecha Says:

    Unfortunately the link for Pandit DV Paluskar’s japtal Bhimpalasi is no longer active. Would it be possible to access this recording again?

  16. Randal Lazer Says:


  17. Anika Brantingham Says:

    This stuff is very satisfactorily composed. The blog post was informational to readers who possess a great value for articles. We look forward for even more of the same. He has outlined each and everything very nicely and briefly.

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