Pandit Narayanrao Vyas (1902 – 1984)

 Pandit Narayanrao Vyas

Two amazing pieces sung by Pandit Narayan Rao Vyas. The recordings presented here are from a 45 rpm record (7EPE 1230, Published in 1961)

Both the Raga-s Champak and Bageshree Kanada are not usually sung or played in Mehfil these days. And so they have become rare… for us to enjoy.

Raga: Champak – Ban Me Bajaavat Bansi….5:43
Raga: Bageshree Kanada – Dil Nahin Lagada….6:15

1. Both the recordings are from Dhaivat Shukla’s personal archives.
2. Discography & Photograph : from Rajeev Patke’s Website.
3. Shri Vinayak Phatak for providing the missing information.


8 Responses to “Pandit Narayanrao Vyas (1902 – 1984)”

  1. Amit Says:

    Very nice.. Its an amazing collection that you have! Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Prashant Divekar Says:

    wonderful information, thanks for sharing..

  3. Ally Adnan Says:

    Subhanallah! This is great.

  4. sapthagireesan Says:

    Dear friends,
    I would like to share with lovers of Hindustani Classical music,by uploading two pieces from my 78 rpm Gramaphone Record collection,rendered by Prof Narayan Rao Vyas:
    Neera bharana kaise jaoon–in Tilak Kamod and
    Sakhi mori rooma jhooma—in Durga in the near future.
    with regards,sincerely, A.N.Sapthagireesan Thane(W)

  5. Chandrasekhar Chanda Says:

    please mail me “Neera bharana kaise jaoon”

    my email id is

  6. A.N.Sapthagireesan Says:

    I invite musically interested persons to visit and enjoy the uploads from my archive in my blog–

  7. Bryan Grierson Says:

    This is very well composed. The article was informative to elocutionists who have a great worth for articles. We looking forward for more of the very same. He has detailed each and everything very beautifully and briefly.

  8. Precious Stenehjem Says:

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