Pandit Omkarnath Thakur (1897-1967)

Pandit-ji in 1957Picture of the recordPicture of the recordPicture of the recordPicture of the recordPicture of the recordPicture of the recordPandit-ji in 1957Pandit-ji in 1957Pandit-ji in 1957Pandit-ji in 1957 

One of his rare and hard to find audio recording – A 78rpm – Columbia GE3143 of a folk song (bhajan) by Meerabai and a Ghazal by of Shaida.

Picture of the record

These recordings are unusual because it both of them are sung in Gujarati… On the record it is written “with a speciall request from the people of Gujarat”

 Another interesting fact – Vande Mataram was composed by Panditji.

 Panditji Used to compose by the pen name of “Pranava Piya” or “Pranav Rang”.

Credits –

1. Photograph at the top – from the book “Vaggeyakar Pujya Pandit Omkarnathji Thakur” by Dr. Pradeepkumar Dixit

2. Photograph of the record – Dhaivat Shukla

3. Record found in the collection of Shri Atul Desai – A student of Panditji.

4. Digital conversion from the original 78 rpm record – Jajvalya Shukla & Kshama Shukla

78rpm Record-1


31 Responses to “Pandit Omkarnath Thakur (1897-1967)”

  1. Rajendra Trivedi, M.D. Says:


  2. vasant Says:

    Just GREAT!!!!

  3. sanjay tiwari Says:

    बहुत धन्यवाद. एक बेर बोल जोगी मिल सके तो बहुत आभारी रहूंगा.

  4. hajimaji Says:

    excellent, thanks! any idea what year that record was made??

  5. vinod malani Says:

    Thanks a lot for so nice and hurt touching melodyies of Pandit H. Thakur
    I am curious to and trying to find out his Malkauns( pag ghugher bandh mere nachi….) since more then five years
    I will appriciate if you can send it to me ..
    It’s a reaaly good job serving this velvet voice for all his lovers and true listeners
    Have good weekend


    vinod malani

  6. Kiran Begari Says:

    Many thanks for these extremely rare recordings!!!

    Pt. Omkarnath Thakur is definitely one of the best musicians ever!!! Never heard of any other musician with such a heavenly voice, astounding range, rare scholarship and deep bhava – all rolled into one.

    Do you by any chance have his Deshkar (Jhanjariya Jhanke), Shuddh Kalyan (Bolana lage) and Shuddh Nat (Karat ho)?

    Thanks and regards,
    Kiran Begari

  7. wendell Says:

    Wow that is truly beautiful. As hajimaji asks, do we have any idea when it was recorded??

  8. ( ( ( 潛 艇 日 誌 ) ) ) » 北印度音樂秘密檔案聆聽 Says:

    […] Omkarnath Thakur […]

  9. Pandit Omkarnath Thakur - Garawa Mayi Sang Lage, Pts. 1 and 2 « Excavated Shellac Says:

    […] For more Thakur music on the web, check this post on Mehfil-E-Mausiqi. […]

  10. gaurav Says:

    vande mataram was composed by bankim chandra chattopadhyay and not Pandit Omkarnath Thakur

  11. sarita Says:


  12. Dr ranjeetsingh jodhpur Says:

    realy wonderful recording,I just listion for first time any gujrati composition by pandit ji.another good news for fans of omkarnath ji thakur, that allmost all recording of panditji is aveleble in music store including”ek bar bol jogi”and abutiful collection from “all india radio” is alsoaveleble.Audio C D of raga LALITand raga PURIYA and raga komal rishabh ashavari and audio casset of raga chaya nat,raga bihag,raga darbari kanada,raga desi todi,malkons,bhairvi,and 12 more bhajan in diffrent raga are aveleble.

  13. Dr ranjeetsingh jodhpur Says:

    realy great

  14. anand kumar vyas Says:

    what a great musian! realy i am very very impressed to read his strugler life history.and he gave also great deciples as n.rajam bhatt ji. can it be possible about his bara khayaal “peer parayee” in raag malkuns.

  15. Janak Dave Says:

    Namaskar ! No words are neough for Pandit Omkarnathji..
    His Page Ghunghu Bandh Mira Nachi..Jogi Mata Ja Mata Ja Mat Ja etc are
    far excellent and am obliged to hear Gujarati Raja Tara Dungariya ma..

    When you are able to give us so much May I ask you to reproduce inCD
    all his songs..He was no honoured by Indian Govt. to his status but the
    King of Afghanistan who recently died heard him and was stately honoured His was a LION in Music and his voice ..God Bless HIS soul and
    God bless & be with you for such a wonderful srvice to music..

  16. jagdeep smart Says:

    hello… i m very much happy to hear panditjis voice. and i m found of his voice. i requeste u 2 make available more songs of panditji. i vl b glad 2 listen it…

  17. Hemang Says:

    Vande Mataram sung by Pt Omkarnathji in Bangiya Kafi
    Others have also done so in different ragas( atleast so I have read)

    Words are by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, part of his book ‘Anandmath’

  18. Rajesh jadeja Says:

    Pandit Omkarnathji’s nephew the late Sarod Player Vasant Rai was also a maestro. He’s has played his uncles gats and bandishis

  19. manoj j gandhi Says:

    Why Indian govt. failed to give due recognition to Panditji is a mystery.It is also due to prejudice for him.Panditji has religiously followed Bharat Natya Shastra and adored his gayaki accordingly. If all his collections including his lecture demonstrations and articles/books written by him are finding their place onthis vab site it will be highly appreciated. How their contemporary musicians and to-day’s musicians have commented positively or negatively about his gayki shouldfind its place in this veb site.
    To make aware music lovers about the enriched gayaki. if on dvd or mp3 it is made available it will be a great tribute to Hon’ble Panditji.

  20. Shwetank Says:

    Not able to download… seems like they are removed…
    Pease upload and lamme know…

    Thanks and Regards

  21. Ketan Anklesaria Says:

    The links are not working. Please upload again. Thank you

  22. VIJAY SHAH Says:

    I am looking for a bhajan by Pt. Omkarnathji. “Maiyya Mori Main Nahi Makhan Khayo” Will you please help me?

  23. chhinder Says:

    all links gone away.

  24. pragyan Says:

    thanks but i have yet not got the informatin about pt. omkar nath that i wanted

  25. grishma Says:

    I am unble to open these 2 songs. I want his all albums and songs. Any idea from where i can download it?

  26. Yael Mcthay Says:

    This stuff is very satisfactorily composed. The article was informational to readers who exactly possess a great worth for articles. We looking forward for more of the very same. He has outlined each and every little thing very nicely and in brief.

  27. Shannon Raske Says:

  28. Pranab Says:

    For a more accurate biography, see

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